Photo: Tom Gilling

Helena Court Residents Association

HCRA is, like many residents associations that own a property, a company limited by guarantee. It is not a commercial company. It has been the landlord of Helena Court since 1990. It acts in the interest of the leaseholders and residents.

The Association is run very much "by the book" meaning the lease and the company statutes. Each year there is an Annual General Meeting at which the leaseholders elect directors to the board of directors, the accounts are reviewed, and maintenance plans and the level of service charges are discussed.

Fairways Management are employed by the Association as the managing agent for the property. As an independent firm acting under contract, the Agent is neutral and so acts to administer the lease on behalf of any and all of the leaseholders or residents as required. Thus problems, complaints and so on should normally be addressed to the managing agent. Ideas for improvements or any complaints about the agent should be given to one of the Directors.

The Residents Association has been able to attain better value for money and quality of life at Helena Court than when the property was run by a commercial landlord. But it requires goodwill and cooperation from leaseholders in order to keep things running well. It also requires leaseholders to engage themselves as directors; there has in fact been good board participation in recent years.

The Association is a member of the Federation of Private Residents' Associations, meaning we benefit from legal advice and the experience of other associations countrywide.